Tips for Preparing the Responses to the Reviewers’ Comments

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DDS Student Seminar

Date: 30 September 2021
Time: 6:00 – 7:00 PM. Bangkok Time

About the seminar

This seminar will provide a comparison of two responses – one prepared by the student and another one prepared by the advisor as a basis for improving the skills of replying to the comments, which would increase the acceptance rate of the revised paper. Tips and discussions will also be provided through the Q and A sessions.

Paper for this seminar
Factors Affecting Farmers’ Willingness to Adopt a Mobile App in the Marketing of Bamboo Products
Journal: Resources, Conservation & Recycling Advances


Professor Nophea Sasaki
Natural Resources Management, DDS

  • Professor Nophea Sasaki
    Professor Nophea Sasaki
    Forest and Carbon Management

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Professor Nophea Sasaki
Forest and Carbon Management

Head of Department, Chair of NRM

Program: Natural Resources Management


Contact: (+66) 2-254-5778

Room Number: E119, SERD Building

Area of Expertise
Forest and Carbon Management

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