Development Planning
Management and Innovation

Manage development challenges through sustainable planning and innovation

DPMI Academic Program has replaced Regional and Rural Development Planning (RRDP), and is accepting applications for August 2021 intake

Formerly known as Regional and Rural Development Planning (RRDP )

About DPMI

Development Planning Management and Innovation (DPMI) academic program focuses on and the role of innovation and planning in sustainable development and how the areas of planning and innovation interplay, evolve and shape the economy and the environment in different regions and periods of time. The program prepares graduates with knowledge, competencies and skills in planning and managing the challenges of sustainable development such as poverty, food insecurity, social environmental change, with the emphasis of cross-cutting issues like power, politics, justice, and ethics. Practice oriented development planning is carried out regularly at district and sub-district levels following a participatory and integrated approach. Attention is also paid to innovation and knowledge generation for sustainable management of development institutions, infrastructure and human and natural resources.

Strategic Planning
Development Practices
Innovation and Change

Application open

for January and August Intake!

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Research Areas

International development, agricultural development, Non-governmental organizations, Rural-urban relations, Regional planning etc.

Courses Offered

The curriculum offered by the DPMI program includes courses in

  • Development Policy and Practice
  • Development Planning Workshop
  • Innovation and Sustainable Development
  • Managing disparities
  • ICT for Development
  • Agricultural Development and Social Innovation
  • Development Project Planning and Management
  • Community Development Planning and Management
  • NGO Management, Policy and Development Administration
  • Socio-ecological Systems Approach and Adaptive Governance
  • Managing Technology & Innovation
  • Science, Society and Environmental Governance
  • International Environmental Governance
  • Community and Climate Adaptation
  • Human Conflicts and Humanitarian Emergency Management
  • Integrated Water Resources Management 
  • Food Safety Standardizations, Risk Management and Traceability Systems
  • Design Thinking and Innovations in Healthy Food Product Development
  • Bioenergy
  • Quantitative Research Method I
  • Quantitative Research Method II
  • Qualitative Research Method

Career Opportunities

Job opportunities for graduates cover many areas of regional and rural development planning focusing on poverty alleviation, rural institutions, community participation, regional planning and project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation at international, national and local levels both for government and non-governmental organizations. There is a high demand for RRDP graduates particularly in developing countries for professional practices, teaching, research and consulting activities.

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