How to Apply AIT Online Application Form

Here is the instruction to register in the online application for AIT admission. Please do step by step, if you have any questions or cannot access your account in the admission system, please let us know (contact us).


Access the link below.


If it is your first time to AIT online application, please select the option – “I want to fill a new application online” 

If shown as below, click “continue” button (go to 3).

If you already have an AIT account, please select the option – “I want to continue a saved application or check application status or re-apply” 

As shown below, then click “continue” button (go to 7).


Now, you are in the “Sign Up” page to create AIT online application account.
Note that, the password must consist of combination of upper/lower case letters, digits and special characters, and between 8 – 12 characters.

For example: DD5serdA!T

You can reset password in case you lost it.

Your email address will be your username for the next login/continue a saved application.


You will get this message after filling in the information

Then, go to your email address, you will get a message to confirm and activate your account as below.

Sample email message that sent to email

Note, if you have any problem with the auto reply email, please let us know at or via contact us below.


After you click on the activation link, you will get the message as shown below.

Click on the link continue (as shown in the image above) to start filling in the first application form section.


Start filling the application form, you can see your AIT online application as image below.

There is 7 sections in the application form (A – G).

Click on the link continue (as shown in the image above) to start filling in the first application form section.


When you want to “Continue a saved application”, please log in by using the email that you registered in to AIT online application

If there is no problem, you will be redirected to continue your saved application.

Ready to submit your application?

Note: Please submit your application as soon as possible. These are minimum requirements:

  • All degree transcripts and certificates for Bachelor’s and Master’s or equivalent
  • Meet English requirements (view more): AIT-EET/IELTS/TOEFL Paper/TOEFL CBT/TOEFL IBT/CEFR
  • 2 Recommendation letters (download LoR form here)
  • Research proposal (for PhD)
  • Your resume, CV or SOP let’s us know you as well
Contact us

Feel free to contact us, we will get back to you shortly.