Disaster Preparedness, Mitigation and Management

About DPMM

Disasters have become a huge threat. Rapid population growth, urbanization, poverty, and climate change have increased the vulnerability of many Asian countries. Disaster Preparedness, Mitigation and Management is offering interdisciplinary degrees and short-term trainings for capacity-building and skill development.

Research Areas

Disaster risk mitigation, Disaster risk science and engineering, Risk governance, Community based disaster risk management, Disaster management and sustainable development, Remote sensing and GIS.

We aim to produce high quality of professionals

for better contribution in disaster preparedness, mitigation and management

Course Highlight

  • Floods and Droughts
  • Mitigation of Earthquake Disasters
  • Tsunami Science and Preparedness
  • Energy Technologies for Disaster Warning and Management
  • Climate Prediction and Early Warning Systems
  • Remote Sensing and GIS for Disaster Risk Management
  • Geospatial Technology for Disaster Risk Mapping
  • Human Conflicts and Humanitarian Emergency Management
  • Health and Ecological Risk Management
  • Coastal Resiliency and Natural Disaster Preparedness
  • EIA Framework for Disaster Management
  • Planning and Implementation of Disaster Emergency Management
  • Community Based Disaster Risk Management
  • Disaster Management in Urban Environmental Planning
  • Managing Disasters
  • Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance


Internships are a must for our Professional Master’s Students. We also encourage all our students to do internships so that they can have exposure to disaster-related issues in the practical level.

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