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Our economic systems for development and livelihoods are heavily reliant on the planet’s environment resulting into several global change issues, such as loss of ecosystem integrity and biodiversity, together with pollution and climate change are today’s interconnected planetary crises undermining sustainable development and human well-being. Society needs to better understand to rejuvenate its healthy relations with environmental resources for sustainability. This requires well-designed and concerted policy packages and governance systems based on the knowledge of the resource endowment and environmental issues at various levels to enhance resource efficiency and recovery, sustainable consumption and production, and circular economy.

Society and Environmental Governance (SEG) academic program prepares the professionals and future environmental leaders to better understand the complex and dynamic linkages between environmental resources and socio-political human systems to reconcile the various perspectives for sustainable use of environmental resources through good governance by focusing on interdisciplinarity, cross-sectoral, multi-level, and multi-stakeholder perspectives of resource use and environmental governance.


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Environmental issues are the outcomes of improper/inefficient interactions between the people and environmental resources. Environmental governance is the totality of interactions among societal actors aiming to coordinate, guide and regulate human access to, use of, and impacts on the environment, through collectively binding decisions. Environmental governance cuts across a wide range of areas including environmental protection, landscape planning, sustainable use and conservation of natural resources, and the protection of human health, and operates across local (community projects) to regional scale.


In addition to the public sector, various actors, such as private sector, NGOs and civil societies, international/multi-lateral/financial organizations are heavily involved working with society and environment and thus have important role in environmental governance. Hence, the career prospect for our graduates is wide ranged in those organizations working at local to national/regional levels.

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