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NRM's Guest Lecture

Innovative Approach for NbS Monitoring and Assessment: A Case Study on Mangrove Forest and Carbon Stock Assessments in the Lower Mekong Region

Date: 25 March 2024 from 5:00-6:00 PM
Room: Zoom
Zoom Meeting ID: 383 220 0169
Password: 582 810

Introduction to Lecture

The accelerating impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss call for innovative and effective Nature-based Solutions (NbS), especially in critical ecosystems like mangrove forests. This special lecture delves into the groundbreaking approach for monitoring and assessing NbS through a comprehensive case study on mangrove forest and carbon stock assessments in the Lower Mekong Region. Utilizing the capabilities of advanced remote sensing and Google Earth Engine technologies, this study presents a detailed analysis of mangrove cover dynamics and carbon sequestration capabilities over three decades. The lecture will outline the methodologies employed to achieve an exceptional accuracy rate in mangrove mapping and the implications for carbon stock quantification. Key findings reveal significant fluctuations in mangrove coverage with direct implications for carbon stocks, highlighting the critical role of mangroves in climate change mitigation and the importance of informed conservation strategies. This presentation not only underscores the value of integrating technology in environmental monitoring but also sets a new benchmark for the implementation of NbS in managing and restoring vital ecosystems. Participants will gain insights into the challenges and opportunities in applying innovative technologies for environmental assessment and the potential of mangroves as a pivotal element in achieving global sustainability goals.

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Speaker’s Bio

Miss Megha Bajaj is a NRM Capacity Development Specialist at the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. Her expertise lies in enhancing capacity, innovations, and knowledge across Asia on sustainable land and forest management, ecosystem restoration, and climate change. Miss Bajaj has made significant contributions in forest and landscape restoration (FLR), sustainability, Nature-based Solutions (NbS), and climate change mitigation and adaptation across multiple countries in Asia and Europe.

Her distinguished efforts have been recognized through three different Erasmus Awards, HM Queen’s Award, Dean’s List Award, and in international forestry and climate change competitions. She graduated in Natural Resources Management from the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand in 2020. 

Her professional journey is marked by diverse influences be it through an educator, researcher or in program implementation significantly contributing to the resources management and sustainability practices. Her work not only showcases her commitment to environmental stewardship but also inspires others in the sector to drive meaningful progress toward a more sustainable future. 


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