DAAD Scholar Interview – Than Oak Soe

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DDS would like to warmly congratulate Than Oak Soe, Master’s student in the Gender and Development Studies program, August 2021 batch for receiving DAAD Scholarship at AIT. The following is a sharing experience with the DAAD scholarship recipient, which may serve as a guideline for those interested in applying for study at DDS.

Interview questions about the scholarship

“AIT is an international post-graduate institution with a very good reputation.”

— Than Oak Soe, DAAD Scholar 2021

Q: What does the award mean to you?

A: In terms of my future career, the DAAD scholarship means a lot to me, I had an opportunity to join the Master’s program in Gender and Development Studies at the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.

Q: Why are you interested in studying at AIT?

A: The reason why I am interested in studying at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) is that it is an international post-graduate institution with a very good reputation that offers the subject I love to pursue so I would like to extend my knowledge in my chosen field to contribute to our country’s development needs.

Q: How do you know about this program?

A: I knew about this program through the DDS Facebook page.

Than Oak Soe, DAAD Scholar 2021

Q: Why did you choose the GDS program?

A: I love to study GDS at AIT to fill my knowledge gap and my chosen field is also radical for my country’s development needs since inequality issues in society have been tremendous challenges for a long time to meet our expected development goals. I believe that my acquired knowledge from the gender and development studies program will help me to meaningfully take part in the process of my country’s development.

Q: Sorry for the long questions… What did you bring to AIT, Thailand? How do you experience studying at the Department of Development and Sustainability, SERD, AIT? What are the most important things you learn at AIT School when you think about your other career and personal level?

A: Before I came here, I worked in the development sector for about four years. The knowledge I got from the development field is really helpful for me while I am studying here, for instance, sharing previous knowledge relevant to the topic we are studying. While I am studying here, I have to academically study some courses relevant to my previous development work. I feel that I could fill my knowledge gap between the academic field and the working environment.

Q: What do you recommend to students who want to receive a scholarship?

A: I would like to recommend to the student willing to join AIT with a DAAD scholarship to prepare English writing test which is a must for the AIT admission process. Then, it is important to choose the program they are willing to join has to be relevant to their future careers. It’s better to prepare scholarship essays, motivation letters, and other relevant documents in advance.

Q: Can you imagine working in your home country after graduating?

A: After graduating, I would like to work for my country’s development process with the acquired knowledge from the Asian Institute of Technology.

Congratulations again to Than Oak Soe, Master’s student in the Gender and Development Studies program, August 2021 batch. DDS wishes you a successful journey ahead in all your future ventures and endeavors. We would also like to offer our full encouragement and support to you every step of the way.

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