About GDS

Gender and Development Studies (GDS) develops scholars and analysts who can integrate a gender approach to development planning and management as well as highlight practical applications for academic research in gender and development, including the Sustainable Development Goals, globally and more specifically in Asia. 

Research Areas

Gender and environment, Development planning/management,Globalization, Employment, Health, Politics/human rights, Technologies, Development communication, Migration, Gender-based violence, Gender main- streaming, Masculinities, etc.

Internship and Exchange program

GDS has a wide network in the region and offers student exchange as well as internship opportunities

Student Voices

GDS provides a strong theoretical basis of gender concepts and also provides an opportunity to explore the concepts in an Asian context. This unique experience gives us graduates a competitive advantage for opportunities after graduation.
Nisha Onta
Gender and Development Studies at AIT gave me a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of gender issues and their relation to life. As a result, I have developed an empathic attitude toward the people I meet. Language is no more a barrier.
Rattima Mukda - Anan