IGS International Symposium “Development, Education, and Gender” – Symposium celebrating 20 years of Ochanomizu University and AIT Workshop Programme

Institute for Gender Studies (IGS) Internation Symposium, “Development, Education, and Gender” Symposium celebrating 20 years of Ochanomizu University – AIT Workshop. This is to commemorate the 20th anniversary of exchange program between AIT and Ochanomizu University. Our PhD student (Mr.Song Changhui) will be speaking on behalf of the AIT students who participated in the exchange. 


Into the light: Female youths migrant workers in fishing industry and their access to decent work, education, and social protection

There are many young migrants from Cambodia to Thailand, who migrant alone or with their family members. The study explored the opportunity cost of such decision to migrate and the advantage that they might get by migrating. The study showed the struggle that young women migrants face to balance their own aspiration and their family responsibilities. There is an opportunity cost for youths to migrate and they need to forego their chances of higher education and network building back home.

Keywords migration, women, youths, fishing community, Cambodia, Thailand, education


Critical Factors for Post-Disaster Educational Continuity in Urban Flood Impacts in South and Southeast Asia

The research project investigated the critical factors for educational continuity in the case of urban flooding in South and Southeast Asia. The research studied three countries – Bangladesh, Thailand, and Vietnam – which are recurrently affected by floods.  The research specifically aimed at extrapolating the main blockers and enablers of educational continuity. Towards this goal, primary, middle and high school educational institutions were selected for analysis in each country.

Keywords DRR, Education, Flood resilience