IGS International Symposium “Development, Education, and Gender” – Symposium celebrating 20 years of Ochanomizu University and AIT Workshop Programme

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Institute for Gender Studies (IGS) Internation Symposium, “Development, Education, and Gender” Symposium celebrating 20 years of Ochanomizu University – AIT Workshop. This is to commemorate the 20th anniversary of exchange program between AIT and Ochanomizu University. Our PhD student (Mr.Song Changhui) will be speaking on behalf of the AIT students who participated in the exchange. 

Dates: Monday, 1 February, 2021  16:00-18:00(JST)  14:00-16:00(ICT)
Online Symposium (zoom webinar, register link)

Keynote SpeakerOSAKI Asako (Gender Action Platform)
SpeakersITAI Hiroaki (Institute for Gender Studies, Ochanomizu University)
KUSAKABE Kyoko (Asian Institute of Technology)
ORUI Yuki (Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO)
SONG Changhui (Asian Institute of Technology)
TAKAMATSU Kana (International Christian University)
OHASHI Fumie (Institute for Gender Studies, Ochanomizu University)
SHIN Ki-young (Institute for Gender Studies, Ochanomizu University)

Coordinator: The Department of Development and Sustainability,(DDS) Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)
Organizer: Institute for Gender Studies (IGS), Ochanomizu University

We are pleased to invite you to join us for a series of conversations on contemporary global issues with gender experts from the field. This cross-cultural transnational forum aims to spur dialogue and reflections on a range of topics bridging theorizing, policy and development practice addressing current Feminist concerns and intersectional work towards social justice. 

The series of talks will be offered in hybrid mode – both online and face-to-face. Please register for the talks and we will send you the details. We are happy to be able to establish an opportunity to get together during these isolating and divisive Covid-19 pandemic times.  

Registration link: ZOOM Webinar
Visit us for more information: http://dds.ait.ac.th/dds-intersections/

For more information, please visit IGS Event Link below;