One-Year Professional Master's in

Environmental and Social Sustainability Assessment and Management

We make use of your real work cases in a flexible hands-on approach
While solving your actual problems 

One-Year Professional Master's in

Environmental and Social Sustainability Assessment and Management

What is this program about

As the latest viral pandemic (COVID) shows, our relations with the Environment are not healthy and sustainable ones. Neither at ecological, nor at social levels. This is obvious in our development projects and personal encounters with all things natural.

This unique program aims at changing this situation. It builds capacity for project and organizational professionals in management of the Environmental and Social Sustainability Assessment and Management (ESAM)/Environmental Management System (EMS). We follow international principles and standards relevant to the local context. ESAM is based on an integrated assessment of projects, programs and policy initiatives. It also covers measurement and monitoring management tools contributing to improving the ESAM implementation.

The program provides necessary experience in specific impact assessments (e.g. EIA and SIA, Social Impact Assessment) for building new infrastructure, as well as sustainability management (e.g. Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR and Environmental Management Plan, EMP).

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Why should you study this program?

Human development is frequently out of touch with the principles of Sustainability.

That is why the Sustainability Assessment, social and environmental, is becoming a must.

Most experts have never learned this during their previous studies.

Your professional expertise to be obtained

Entry Requirements

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Basically, we need the following documents: bachelor transcript and degree certificate, English proficiency test score, A minimum 3-year undergraduate in any relevant field, Have 3 years of working experience, Minimum English entry requirements IELTS 5.0 or equivalent.

One year (normally required), with possible extension to two years

Processing fees (US$25 or THB 800) can be paid online using credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.) before submitting the application online or through your friends in Thailand. Fees can also be paid through western union, in this regard, please write to for further details.

The costs include: Tuition Fees (30 Credits) = THB 480,000, Registration Fee (2 Semesters) = THB 40,000, Total fees = THB 520,000 (not including living expenses, etc.)

With 20% discount of tuition fees for this batch, Total fees = THB 424,000 (not including living expenses, etc.)

No scholarships available for this program. But we offer 20% off tuition fees as a special offer for the first batch of class.

None, but min 3 years of professional experience

No, as this PM program does not offer for the Flexible Degree Option.

Normal and flexible options have common framework. But flexible options do not require in person attendance and do not need to pay upfront.

Classes will be arranged per the whole group of students – likely evening or weekend

We offer hybrid mode of instruction, so students can attend classes at same time either in-person or on-line.

Job opportunities of professionals are in related field of environmental assessment and management consultancy, sustainability units/networks in public or private organizations, international development agencies, and university/research institutions.

Yes, AIT is an English-speaking campus. All communication is in English, more details under FAQ number 5 under the requirements.

Yes, all AIT programs are conducted in English; thus, you will need to provide proof of adequate English language proficiency. For more details on specific English language proficiency requirement, please visit the Eligibility at

For detailed information or English test application, please visit website at

You can find the information on English classes and other services offered by the Language Center here:

Application to AIT is now fully online. Thus, please apply using the Online Application System at

The school will contact you directly for the arrangement.

You can pay your application fee by credit card or bank draft. If you are paying by credit card: Fill in all information, including the complete credit card number, expiration date, and card billing information. Mode of payment is available in the admission’s website. Payment by money transfer through bank account is not acceptable.

If you are not able to pay online or western union, payment can be made through bank transfer to AIT bank account. Once the payment is done through bank transfer, please send the bank transaction detail to to process your application internally.

Bank Name: Siam Commercial Bank, Thailand

Bank account name: Asian Institute of Technology

Bank current account number 468-046301-2 or Bank savings account number 405-999567-0


Bank address: 95 Moo 8, Klong Nueng, Klong Luang, Pathum Thani 12120, Thailand

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