DDS Students attended the summer program at Tongji University, Shanghai, China

From left; Ms. Megha Bajaj (NRM, Master’s student), Ms. Chitralada Chaiya (RRDP Ph.D. Candidate), Ms. Nichcharat Rungruang (RRDP, Master’s student)

DDS students have many opportunities to participate in exchange programs with other universities. (See DPMM Students participated in the International Summer School)

In August 2019, DDS students attended the summer program at Tongji University, Shanghai, China, under the theme of “Sustainable Urban and Rural Development”.


Congratulations for our new PhDs!

Shahab-E-Saqib (left), Supattra Yamsrual (center) and Manjunatha Venkatappa (right)

In August 2019, three DDS students completed their PhD. Congratulations! We are very proud to have Shahab-E-Saqib, Supattra Yamsrual and Manjunatha Venkatappa as new PhD holders who will be leaders in their own respective fields. It was an awesome month for us having three subsequent PhD public defence seminars in a month.


PhD Colloquium for August 2019

Topic: Coastal Tourism Governance And Impact On Local Community: The Case Of Cha Am, Gulf Of Thailand

Presenter:        Ms. Sussaangana Unhasuta (Ph.D. candidate, UEM)
Moderator:      Mr. Mazhar Ali (Ph.D. candidate, DPMM)
Date:               Wednesday, August 28, 2019
Venue:            E-220
Time:              15:00 – 16:00 hrs

Left: Moderator Mr. Mazhar Ali, UEM Ph.D.Candidate

As a monthly event, The Department of Development and Sustainability organised a PhD colloquium for PhD students on 28 August 2019. The main objectives of the event are to exchange research ideas and to build the network between the PhD students.