PhD Colloquium for August 2019

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Topic: Coastal Tourism Governance And Impact On Local Community: The Case Of Cha Am, Gulf Of Thailand

Presenter:        Ms. Sussaangana Unhasuta (Ph.D. candidate, UEM)
Moderator:      Mr. Mazhar Ali (Ph.D. candidate, DPMM)
Date:               Wednesday, August 28, 2019
Venue:            E-220
Time:              15:00 – 16:00 hrs

Left: Moderator Mr. Mazhar Ali, UEM Ph.D.Candidate

As a monthly event, The Department of Development and Sustainability organised a PhD colloquium for PhD students on 28 August 2019. The main objectives of the event are to exchange research ideas and to build the network between the PhD students.

Ms. Sussaangana Unhasuta is presenting her presentation

Moderator of the session, Mr. Mazhar Ali welcomed all the participants to the session and briefly introduced the presenter Ms. Sussaangana Unhasuta briefly explained the ideas and concept behind her presentation topic “Coastal Tourism Governance And Impact On Local Community: The Case Of Cha Am, Gulf Of Thailand”. Her research focus on the factors having impact on the coastal tourism in Thailand and to Assess how tourism development influences on the community. She briefly discussed about the conceptual framework of her Research, Methodology, and the finding till date of her research journey. She briefly discussed about the Coastal transformation and impact due to tourism. Fundamental to the successful development of tourism comprises the three sets of nature resources, man-made resources, and cultural resources The beach space becomes the highest potential of tourism activity occupation and tourism activities zone. The existing fishing villages are surrounded and attached to the tourism destination area. It also caused the disappearance of traditional housing and income activities. She recommended in research that Community development plan needs to formulate through understanding of local problems and needs, and it will strengthen local power and network for the next step to promote community-based tourism management that also pressures the locals to pay attention on awareness of local resource use.

After her presentation the participants asked few interesting questions about land use changes, job changes, Economic change in the nearby communities and overall impact on them which were answered by the presenter briefly. At the end, participants had a group photo with the presenter.

Group Photo

Reported by Moderator Mr. Mazhar Ali (Ph.D. candidate, DPMM)