Examining the Role of Insurance in Poverty Alleviation in the Presence of Natural Hazards – PhD Colloquium

Ph.D. Colloquium Date: 21st September 2022Time: 15:00 – 16:00 (Bangkok Time/GMT+0700)Venue: Hybrid (S201, 2nd Floor at SERD Building, AIT and ZOOM Online) Presenter: Porntida Poontirakul, Ph.D., DSModerator: Salinda Sedtha, Ph.D., UIS DDS is organizing our monthly Ph.D. Colloquium on 21st September (Wed) from 15:00 (Bangkok Time) hybrid via ZOOM and 2nd Floor S201, SERD Building, AIT. This is Read more…

Migration and collectives/ networks as a pathways out of poverty: Gendered vulnerabilities and capabilities of fishing communities in Asia

The project studied migration in fishing communities in Cambodia, India and Sri Lanka. It explored how migration is used as a strategy to manage diminishing fishing resources and the deprivation that fishers are facing vis a vis large players in fishing. In Cambodia, it demonstrated how women play a crucial role in sustaining fishing as a profession for the household.

Keywords gender, fisheries, migration, poverty, vulnerabilities, Cambodia