Her Majesty the Queen’s Scholar for Master’s Programs Awardee – Rungrot Tatiyawongwiwat

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Congratulations to Mr. Rungrot Tatiyawongwiwat for earning the fully-funded scholarship from Her Majesty the Queen for the August 2021 intake. He is a Master’s student in the Gender and Development Studies (GDS) program, class of 2023. We have been speaking with students who have won scholarships from the Thai Royal Government for the last semester. We want to create a guide for anyone considering receiving financial aid to attend AIT.

Interview questions about the scholarship

Rungrot Tatiyawongwiwat, Master’s student

Q: Congratulations on receiving this year´s HM Queen scholarship, what does the award mean to you?

A: I am so well supported by Her Majesty the Queen’s scholarship that I have more time to pursue my passion in reading and exploring many areas of knowledge. It provides us with all the tools we need to get started and go to the next level of self. After just one semester at AIT, the scholarship has allowed me to mature significantly. We have such a wonderful chance that lays the road to a bright future—or one that is at least more precise than previously.

“You should come study here, bro (with a strong accent, [I love the diversity here]). It is a place of opportunity, full of scholarships for all.”

— The beginning of Rungrot’s scholarship journey

Q: How did you find out about the Royal Thai Government Scholarships?

A: During my undergraduate study, I visited AIT almost every week. I remember roaming around and advertising my Thai-speaking courses to AIT students, leading me to my first speaking partner from Vietnam; she is a very talented Master’s student from SERD. She suggested me a lot about AIT and how this university shaped her knowledge in the development field. She also got a fully-funded scholarship from AIT, but I am unsure if it is the Queen’s scholarship. Meanwhile, working part-time as a Thai tutor, I sometimes sneaked into the SU Cafe party in 2019, where I met many scholarship students. They played and studied hard [I could tell from their dancing moves back then]. We shared a lot of personal stories with each other. At some point, they said something like, “You should come study here, bro (with a strong accent, [I love the diversity here]). It is a place of opportunity, full of scholarships for all”. That was the beginning of my scholarship journey at AIT.

Rungrot Tatiyawongwiwat, received the fully-funded fellowship from Her Majesty the Queen

Q: As a Thai student, what is the reason that makes you decide to study at SERD, AIT?

A: While not difficult, studying here is nevertheless not simple. My adjustment to the various teaching philosophies of our academic personnel here is rather challenging. Their knowledge of the development industry usually motivates me to read and research more thoroughly. My adviser has been really helpful to me. They always react to my inquiries within a day, which is quite beneficial for my academic work. Fortunately, Thammasat University is where I studied social work and social policy and gained knowledge about social work and welfare in Thailand. That makes it easier for me to acclimatize to the course as many subjects include public and social policy. I am glad that my sharings of Thailand’s social welfare policy contribute to classes in the last two semesters.

Q: What are the most important things you learn at AIT School when you think about your other career and personal level?

A: Many of us—including myself—are prepared by AIT for employment chances abroad. Numerous graduates of our curriculum are currently employed in numerous foreign private and public sectors. Our impressive number of prosperous alumni shows that this institution is undoubtedly preparing us for a bright future on a global scale. This might be correlated but not casual, but I would love to mention it. Living and studying in a multicultural atmosphere like this serves as a constant reminder to me that exploring the world and learning about how variety makes the planet fascinating is more important than working in one state till retirement. I hope to at least have an influence on a global scale, and I feel that AIT is preparing me for that.

Living in the international environment of AIT makes my perspective towards the diversity of humans more interesting. And AIT is shaping me correctly.

Rungrot Tatiyawongwiwat

Q: How would you describe living on the AIT campus as a Thai student?

A: As, I am a Thai who studies here. I would say that living in the international environment of AIT makes my perspective towards the diversity of humans more interesting (personally to myself). Understanding the meaning of it firsthand makes me think I am lucky. Diversity is like a gift that teaches us how to behave according to others’ beliefs and behavior. Diversity makes me respect the differences between individuals. Now, I am more sensitive to any jokes about race and gender. AIT is shaping me correctly, I think.

Q: What do you recommend to students who want to receive a scholarship? 

A: Simply go for it. We have more than enough scholarships available right here for everyone. The window of opportunity is open. The rest is up to you whether or not you want to seize it. AIT is genuinely one of the world’s most giving colleges. Simply go for it. Start by going to our website for scholarships. They know all you need to know to receive an AIT scholarship that is completely financed.

Rungrot Tatiyawongwiwat (center) and his team in the Sustainability Hackathon 2021

Q: Can you imagine working after graduating?

A: Naturally, isn’t that the reason we came here? to build it after working out and returning home. AIT is a practical university where you receive training to become the practical person you desire. What do you intend to do after graduation? A practitioner, academic, or government official? Just come here. This location motivates us to return home and use the information we have gained so far in our city. And I’m confident that after finishing my studies at AIT, I’ll work in the development sector to at least make it the world I want my future generation to live in.

Congratulations to Mr. Rungrot Tatiyawongwiwat for receiving the fully-funded fellowship from Her Majesty the Queen. He is a Master’s student in the Gender and Development Studies Program, class of 2023. DDS wishes you luck in all of your next endeavors and aspirations. We want to provide you with all of our unflinching support and encouragement along the way.

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