Share Experience by DAAD Scholar 2022 – Zaw Ye Htet

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DDS would like to warmly congratulate Zaw Ye Htet, Master’s student in the Gender and Development Studies program, August 2022 batch for receiving DAAD Scholarship at AIT. The following is a sharing experience with the DAAD scholarship recipient, which may serve as a guideline for those interested in applying for study at DDS.

Zaw Ye Htet, DAAD Scholar 2022

DAAD Scholarship

For me, receiving the DAAD scholarship is one of the milestones in my life. I have always wanted to pursue a master’s degree and with this award, I am able to continue with my study plan. The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) is a very well-known institution not only in Thailand but in the region and also, my interest field is development studies which is offered at the AIT as well. I found out about this DAAD Scholarship through my colleagues who are also previous scholarship holders and from social media (Facebook).

“I can also learn about development through the gender lens.”

— Zaw Ye Htet, DAAD Scholar 2022


The reason for selecting GDS is this will help me with obtaining academic knowledge and understanding which will also enable me with my future career path. As I mentioned above, I have a genuine interest in the field of development studies and with this GDS course, I can also learn about development through the gender lens.

My Background

Before applying for this DAAD scholarship, I was working in the development sector for several years. So, I have been away from a formal learning environment for a while. However, I do think that all my work experience will help me with my study at the AIT as I can relate my previous experience to more theoretical and academic studies. My study program – GDS is one of the programs offered at the School of Environment, Resources and Development (SERD). And, I like to mention that SERD (as well as the other 2 schools) is such a diverse and unique school as professors, staff, and students are from various parts of the world and the various classes from different programs are offered as well.

Life Learn at the AIT Library

What I like about AIT

The thing I like about the AIT is the enabling and safe environment. The whole campus is such a green and calm atmosphere where students are empowered to do anything (sports, music clubs, cultural exchange, and so on) in addition to the usual academic learning. I really enjoy hanging out with fellow students from different countries, studying at the library, and exploring the campus on my bicycle. At the AIT, I have the opportunity to not only learn from the professors, but I can also learn from my classmates, and expand my network and connections which will benefit directly my career and personal life.

Living in Thailand

As I am from Myanmar, it is not very challenging for me to adapt to living in Thailand. I really enjoy Thai culture and especially Thai food. Even though there is a language barrier, as local people are understanding and flexible, I am able to manage this, too.

It is always very important to start as early as possible with the submission of the application and not to wait until the deadline

Recommendations for DAAD applicants, Zaw Ye Htet

Recommendations for DAAD applicants

I think the selection process for DAAD takes some time (around 4 months) from my first application and this is due to many applicants. So, it is always very important to start as early as possible with the submission of the application and not to wait until the deadline. As the selection process will proceed phase by phase, being organized with paperwork and documents is necessary as well.

Next step for me

After completion of this study, I am looking forward to applying what I have learned. I will go back and continue working in the development sector in Myanmar and I will take part in the development of the communities.

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