PhD Colloquium for May 2020

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DDS is organizing our monthly Ph.D. Colloquium on 27th May (Wed) 2020 from 15:00 via ZOOM (online meeting platform). This is a forum where PhD students share their work and engage in discussions on various emerging issues in the region.

This month’s topic is

“Process of Coordination and Negotiation between Villagers and Public Agencies over Natural Resource Management in China: Insights from Xishuangbanna Prefecture”

Presentor: Mr.Kebu  Ma, Natural Resources Management (NRM)
Moderator: Mr. Uddhav  Guragain, Gender and Development Studies (GDS)

We are looking forward to seeing you!!!

PS. This topic will present via ZOOM teleconference platform, if you want to join us, we will give you a meeting id