PhD Colloquium for September 2017

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Title: Carbon Emissions due to Land Use Change in Siem Reap Province an Application of Google Earth Engine

Presenter: Mr. Majunatha Venkatappa (NRM)

Date: 13 September 2017

The Department of Development and Sustainability organized a PhD colloquium for PhD students on 13 September 2017 as a monthly regular event of the Department. The objectives of the PhD Colloquium are to share the learning experiences of their research and study outcome on live discussion forum.

In this colloquium, there were 5 faculties namely; Prof. Rajendra P. Shrestha, (SERD Dean), Prof Kyoko Kusakabe (Head of Department), Dr. Nophea Sasaki (PhD Student committee chair), Dr. Oleg V. Shipin (EEM), Dr. MA Hwan-Ok (ITTO, Japan) and 15 students (5 male and 10 female) from different academic programs attended in the discussion. Dr. Nophea Sasaki welcomed all participants and introduced the discussant and presenter of the workshop. The discussant of the event was Mr. Rehan Ul Haq, a PhD Student from NRM. He shared the process of colloquium and discussion.

Majunatha, briefly explained the concept of his research topic “Assessment of Land availability for forest restoration, and smart agriculture using the Google Earth Engine (GEE)”. Under his thesis topic, he presented the benefits of using GEE and the results of his first objective (assessing carbon emissions due to landuse change) of his thesis as his thesis is still in developing stage.

Manjunatha mentioned that the forest is very important for reducing or increasing carbon emissions depending on management interventions. He also clearly mentioned the effectiveness of selecting GEE in this research and importance of selecting Siem Reap province as his research area because of no cost involved and better accuracy. Based on results from the first objective, his research found 40 years of forest change due to land use change and this change affected for carbon emission in the study area. He concluded, his study area forest might decrease by next Paris agreement, thus management policies needed urgently.

In the discussion was interactive. The participant asked the questions more on benefits of using GEE on research. Some of the points were as followings:

  • What are the social part of this research?
  • How to assess the land use change?
  • What is the reasons of increased forest coverage in the period of 2014-2016 as overall is in decreasing trend.
  • What methodologies have you used to find the carbon stock?

The presenter made clear all queries. Dr Sasaki, Dr. Ma Hwan-Ok and Prof. Rajendra also added their inputs in the discussion. Finally, Pro. Kyoko Kusakabe thanked all participants for their active participation. The next PhD colloquium will be announced soon by Department of Development and Suitability.


Next colloquium

Academic Program : Regional & Rural Development Planning (RRDP)

Date: 18th October 2017

Time: 15:00-16:00 hrs.

Venue: S201 (NRM Workshop Room)

Rapporteur: Mr. Uddhav Guragain, PhD student/GDS

Discussant: Mr. Rehan Ul Haq, PhD student/NRM


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