Applying urban-rural linkage theory in spatio-socioeconomic research

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DDS has been running the PhD colloquium for some time, and we hope that this is giving you some opportunity to learn from each other as well as a forum for discussion and debate. 

We would further like to enrich your experience as PhD students at AIT by having more academic discussion and exposure opportunities. We hope that such exposure will help you improve your theoretical discussion in your dissertation. We find that such ability for academic discussion will facilitate you to write journal papers and dissertation, leading to faster process in PhD studies and earlier graduation. 

Additional to the PhD colloquium, we are introducing PhD seminars by faculty members. Each month, different faculty members will be initiating discussion points to engage you to a theoretical discussion. 

The first of this series will be on 11 March (Wed) from 3-4 p.m. at S201 by Dr. Sohee on the topic of “Applying urban-rural linkage theory in spatio-socioeconomic research”.

Please note that this is strictly for PhD students. Attendance is compulsory for all PhD students.

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