Seminar on “Japan as an ageing and declining society” and “Making sense of logic”

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The Department of Development and Sustainability has a special seminar on two topics titled “Japan as an ageing and declining society” by Dr. Wako Asato and “Making sense of logic” by Dr. Takuro Onishi

Date: 14 February 2020, 15:00-16:00 hrs
Venue: At Room S201, SERD Building

Dr. Wako Asato is an associate professor at Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University, Japan. His lecture entitled “Japan as an Ageing and Declining Society” will discuss declining fertility and ageing in Japan as big social challenges. Declining workforce and increasing demand for elderly care create negative impact on quality of life. Activation of female potential workforce, recruiting migrants from neighboring countries, lifelong work are keys in solving these challenges. However, it is not easy to carry them out these days.

Dr. Takuro Onishi is from the Unit of Kyoto Initiatives for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Kyoto University. His lecture is entitled “Making Sense of Logic”. Formal logic is a useful tool to express our ideas clearly and check their coherence. Unfortunately it has also been used to exclude some important and meaningful thoughts as irrational and unintelligible. But the development of non-classical logic allows us to break the limit. I will show two examples of how non-classical logic makes sense of seemingly irrational ideas: contradictions in religious texts and communication with digital twin in a parallel world.

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