Welcome a Visiting Researcher. Prof.

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Welcome to our Visiting Researcher, Professor from Konan University, Japan to Department of Development and Sustainability

Department of Development and Sustainability would like to extend a warm welcome to Prof. Nakatsuji is a visiting researcher. He is Professor in Konan University, Kobe, Japan. He holds Doctor of Letters from Kyoto University, Japan. His major is human geography and area studies of Southeast Asia. Especially, he has conducted field research in hilly areas of northern Laos for 20 years. His research topics are livelihood and land use adaptations of hill peoples to the recent changes in governmental policy, inter/intra-national economy and natural environment; The meanings and possibilities of animal rearing of hill peoples in the face of recent changes in meat supply; Analysis of long-term changes in land use and land cover in both urban and rural areas of Southeast Asia using historical aerial photographs that has been taken since 1940s. He has publications including articles and book chapters in national (Japanese) and international journals such as Southeast Asian Studies, Geographical Review of Japan, Japanese Journal of Human Geography, Geographical Science, etc. He has obtained Encouragement Award for young researchers from the Association of Japanese Geographers.

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