Financing Forest Landscape Restoration

WHEN: 19 April 2021 From 5:00 – 6:00 P.M. (ICT/GMT+0700, Thailand Time)



Sustainable financing is essential for the sustainable management of natural resources in tropical countries in the achievement of many of the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular SDG 12 (sustainable production and consumption) and SDG 15 (life on land). Forest landscape restoration has the potential to generate benefits for climate and biodiversity and create sustainable livelihoods for local communities. This presentation is intended to help address the following types of questions in forest restoration: What are we trying to accomplish?; How much will it cost?; What are the sources of financing? and What are needed for successful forest restoration?

Dr.Hwan-ok Ma

About the speaker

Dr. Hwan-ok Ma is Senior Project Manager, International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO), an intergovernmental organization based in Yokohama, Japan, promoting sustainable forest management (SFM) in the tropics. He has followed the capacity building of SFM, forest-based climate change mitigation and adaptation and biodiversity conservation in production forests in tropical countries. He is currently Adjunct Professor at AIT. After studying forestry at Agriculture College, Korea University, he received an MS in forest product marketing and PhD in forest resource economics from the University of Washington, Seattle, USA.

Financing Forest Landscape Restoration​

We support the UN Decade on 
Ecosystem Restoration 2021 – 2030

The seminar is organized by Natural Resources Management program, Department of Development and Sustainability, AIT