“Fisherfolk in Cambodia, India and Sri Lanka — Migration, Gender and Well-being”, the first edition of the book co-edited by Prof. Kyoko Kusakabe, Head of Department of Development and Sustainability, has recently been published.

Professor Kyoko Kusakabe, Head of Department of Development and Sustainability

Book Description

This volume studies the coastal and riparian fishing communities of three Asian countries – Cambodia, India and Sri Lanka. It explores issues of migration and movement, gender relations, wellbeing, and nature-society relations common among these communities, and studies the impacts of internal and external pressures such as changing state policies, increased market exposure and unstable environmental situations. It also discusses the changes needed to ensure safe migration, social inclusion and the gendered well-being of fishers in these countries, and identifies the roles that social networks and collective action play in bringing about these improvements.

Fisherfolk in Cambodia, India and Sri Lanka presents a rigorously investigated account of the peoples and production systems of some of Asia’s most populated and contested but dynamic and productive coasts and floodplains. The book will be of importance to students and researchers of Asian studies, development studies, geography, sociology, migration studies, gender studies, and minority studies.

For more details, please visit https://www.routledge.com/Fisherfolk-in-Cambodia-India-and-Sri-Lanka-Migration-Gender-and-Well-being/Lund-Kusakabe-Rao-Weeratunge/p/book/9780367030476

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