International Conference on Governance and Public Policy

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Date: 22 – 23 February, 2020
Venue: RGNIYD, Chennai-Bengaluru Highway, Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, India

Dr.Mokbul Morshed Ahmad (#RRDP Faculty) is the international advisory committee in the International Conference on Governance and Public Policy.

In recent decades, global forces have created new policy and administrative challenges for every country in the world. A country’s close reflection of its policies, which is the main driver of its administrative architecture, is clearly important for determining the quality of governance through elements of government policies and practical and sustainable strategies for advancing good governance. Administration is often left with the tool of the people’s policy in the hands of administrative leadership, which refers to the exercise of power for the benefit of a country. Failure to properly apply this national power leaders to exclusion, poverty, frustration, aggression and insecurity. Today, “governance” not only occupies the centre of the development discourse, it is also considered an important element for inclusion in the development strategy. The nature of the policy process has changed dramatically with the increasing role of different actors locally and worldwide. This conference aims to draw upon the multi-disciplinary nature of this topic to explore critical issues at the intersection of governance and public-policy.

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