PhD Colloquium for October 2018

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Topic: Livelihood Vulnerability and Adaptation Options for Fishing Communities of Balochistan Coast, Pakistan

Presenter: Mr. Muhammad Yousuf Las/RRDP
Moderator: Ms. Pattajaree Krasaesen/UEM

Date: Wednesday, 31st October, 2018
Time: 15:00-16:00 hrs.
Venue: S201


This study aims to explore people’s livelihood strategies and adaptations options against climate induced disaster cyclone in coastal Balochistan, Pakistan. This study focuses on livelihood vulnerability of fishing communities of Gawadar district to assess the livelihood pattern of fishing communities and to know the adaptation options and strategies of fishing communities . 282 households were surveyed, focused group discussions and key informant interviews were conducted to identify the potential adaptation strategies for coastal community as well as potential or alternative livelihood options. Data analysis done by developing composite index for social, human, physical and financial capitals . .Livelihood Vulnerability index also developed to assess the livelihood vulnerability of coastal communities in Pakistan.

Result of this study proves that coastal communities in Pakistan are more vulnerable in terms of financial capital and physical capital and community-based adaptation would be helpful in community development in coastal districts .There are several researches on adaptation practices in coastal communities .However, there has been little systematic examination of limit and barrier to adaptation in coastal fishing community. From social limits to economic limits and barriers and institutional limits are being discussed in this study to assess the need for improvement in coastal management set up in Pakistan.

Keywords: Livelihood Vulnerability, Coastal , Fishing community ,Adaptation , Pakistan

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