Students of Gender Analysis and Gender-Responsive Development Planning visited a woman-led community in Chalong Krung, Nong Chok District in Bangkok. Students learned from the community leaders of the history of the community – how they have fought the relocation from the center of Bangkok to the current place, and how they are currently fighting impact from Covid-19. Many members of the community lost their jobs during Covid-19 pandemic. They have come together to clean up vacant land in the community to develop organic vegetable farm for home consumption as well as for selling purposes. The scheme has been successful and they are planning to expand. Students had an opportunity to see first-hand how Thai communities organize themselves and hear the stories directly from them. We thank Dr. Boonsom Namsomboon and the Chalong Krung Community to spend time for us.

Group photo with the community and Dr.Voonsom Namsomboon (black T-Shirt stand up from the right)