PhD Colloquium for January 2019

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Topic: Public health risks of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in humanitarian emergencies in North Darfur of Sudan.

Presenter: Elfadil Mohammed Mahmoud, DPMM
Moderator: Chitralada Chaiya, RRDP

Date: Wednesday 30 January 2019
Time: 15:00 – 16:00 hrs
Venue: S201, SERD Building, AIT


  • Population migration and displacement resulting from manmade disasters is likely to increase Public health risks and vulnerabilities (Devkota et al., 2010).
  • Displacement exposes IDPs to new hazard dynamics such as, overcrowding, Infectious agents in the new environment. (Michael & Toole, 1994).
  • Sudan has experienced chronic political instability and armed conflicts since independence (Berghof Foundation, 2006)
  • The major threats to public health in Sudan are internal conflict, epidemics diseases, floods, and droughts (WHO,2010).
  • Darfur remains the most conflict-affected region in the country, with more 2.7 million are IDPs and 200,000 become refugees in Chad,(UNOCHA,2016).

Keywords: health, risks, north darfur of sudan, population migration, internally displaced persons