PhD Colloquium at 29 Aug 2018

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Topic: An empirical analysis of behavioral factors of coal mine workers associated with injuries: The case of Pakistan

Presenter: Mr. Mazhar Ali (DPMM)

Moderator: Mr. Muhammad Yousuf Lasi (RRDP)

Date: 29th August 2018

Time: 15:00 – 16:00 hrs.

Venue: S201(NRM Workshop Room)


Presenter: Mr. Mazhar Ali (DPMM)

The Department of Development and Sustainability organized a PhD colloquium for PhD students on 29th, August 2018. The objectives of the PhD Colloquium are to exchange research ideas and learning experiences, showcase research work and shares research findings in live discussion forum.

Mazhar Ali, presenter of the event, briefly explained the concept of his research topic “An empirical analysis of behavioral factors of coal mine workers associated with injuries: The case of Pakistan”. His research aims to assess the safety behavior of coal mine workers, risk associated with those workers and relationship between risk behavior and coal mine workers ‘casualties in Pakistan. Researcher collected the data through standardized questionnaire from 350 respondents from Pakistan, logistic regression analysis was used as statistical tool, the factors influencing workers safety, their willingness and ability of decision-making were computed in research.

Mazhar Ali briefly discussed about findings of his research and elaborated the reasons of high risk, emotional instability of coal mine workers and their job dissatisfaction. While sharing results and findings of his research he emphasized on need of proper occupational education and training for coal mine workers to improve their working skills in mine, However, to reduce risk to life he suggested to secure cross sections of coal haulage and others passaged inside mines in Pakistan

In discussion session participants took active part and asked several questions regarding risk awareness of community towards coal mining, their willingness to work as coal mine workers. Participants raised questions about socio economic factors which played important role in decision making of workers. Few participants asked about government policy about occupational health and safety in Pakistan and expressed their interest to know the recommendations proposed by the researcher, as well as to know strategies about reducing risk associated to the safety of coal mine workers in Pakistan. Few Questions which were asked during live discussion session are mentioned below;

  • What constraints did you face while collecting data?
  • How did you assess safety behavior of respondents?
  • Do you think provision of capacity training would be helpful to improve the skills of workers?
  • Can capacity training would be helpful for workers to make them equally skilled to the experienced labor?

The presenter made clear all queries. Professor Kyoko Kusakabe also added her inputs and given her feedback about the research work of Mr. Mazhar Ali. Finally, Professor Kyoko Kusakabe thanked all participants for their active participation. The next PhD colloquium will be announced soon by Department of Development and Sustainability.