Pre-ATC PhD student seminar

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This session is planned so that Pre-ATC PhD students can start focus on their thesis earlier on and start being used to sharing/ communicating their research ideas to a wider audience.

This session will be held on Wednesday 24th June 2020 via ZOOM. To get the meeting id, please ask us by email or messenger on Facebook. The schedule of the session shown in the table below;

Time Programme
10:05-10:556 students’ presentations
10:55-11:10Comments from faculty members
11:10-12:006 students’ presentations
12:00-12:15Comments from faculty members

Presenting Students (in order of presentation)

  1. Jia Siteng. (GDS)
  2. Liu Yifu.   (GDS)
  3. Napamon Chaloryoo (GDS)
  4. Md. Mynul Islam. (GDS)
  5. Bandana Jha.   (RRDP)
  6. Tran Thi Nhu Ngoc.  (RRDP)
  7. Thin Khaing.   (RRDP)
  8. Sanhakot Vithayaporn.  (DSP)
  9. Sakda Songcharoen.   (DSP)
  10. Preeyaporn Muenratch.   (DSP)
  11. Shengyue Miao.   (DSP)
  12. Theertham Wutthiwatchaikaew.  (DSP)

Students will make a 5 minutes presentation covering:

  1. Title/topic of the proposal
  2. Reason for choosing this topic (Research problem and literature gap)
  3. Theory that is to be used Intended methodology

For those who are interested to join this session, please contact us via email or Facebook to get a meeting id.

Note: The Pre-ATC or Pre Advancement To Candidacy means PhD student did not present/pass their advancement to candidacy.