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Disasters have become a huge threat. Rapid population growth, urbanization, poverty, and climate change have increased the vulnerability of many Asian countries. Disaster Preparedness, Mitigation and Management is offering interdisciplinary degrees and short-term trainings for capacity-building and skill development.
Research Areas: Disaster risk mitigation, Disaster risk science and engineering, Risk governance, Community based disaster risk management, Disaster management and sustainable development, Remote sensing and GIS.
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Gender and development studies develops scholars and analysts who can integrate a gender approach to development planning and management as well as highlight practical applications for academic research in gender and development, including the Sustainable Development Goals, globally and more specifically in Asia.
Research Areas: Gender and environment, Development planning/management,Globalization, Employment, Health, Politics/human rights, Technologies, Development communication, Migration, Gender-based violence, Gender main- streaming, Masculinities, etc.
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Rapid decline of natural resources has increasingly threatened sustainable development. Natural Resources Management focuses its teaching and research on understanding and assessment of the impacts of decision making and international policies on natural resources management through the use of various analytical frameworks, methods, tools, and technologies.
Research Areas: Sustainable forest carbon management, Land use change, Land degradation, Water management and governance, Biodiversity conservation, Natural resource economics, Climate mitigation/adaptation, and Applications of geomatics in natural resources management.
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Focuses on rural poverty, improvement of the quality of life, and social and economic development of rural areas. Practice oriented rural regional planning is carried out regularly at district and sub-district levels following a participatory and integrated approach, and attention is paid to management of development institutions, infrastructure and physical resources to strengthen rural communities for sustainable development.
Research Areas: International development, agricultural development, Non-governmental organizations, Rural-urban relations, Regional planning etc.
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Responds to the need to examine urban growth and environmental problems from the management and planning perspectives to contribute to the development of sustainable and resilient cities. We focus on understanding urban dynamics and developing effective interventions using various decision support and instruments in multi-stakeholder setting.
Research Areas: Urban sustainable land use planning and management, Management of urban infrastructure and services, Environmental systems analysis and sustainability assessment, Adaptation approaches to disaster risks and climate change.
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