About the Program

To offer a generalist master’s program based on an interdisciplinary approach to international sustainable development. The aim is to build upon shared expertise in the Department of Development and Sustainability (DDS) and offering an academic program that has a broader scope than current academic offerings, which are very specialized. A broader and less specialized program will be especially attractive to institutions looking for managers with broad knowledge of development issues, and candidates who may not want to narrow their academic and research skills but rather get a broader understanding of development issues in the region.


The program also responds to the needs for capacity building regarding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Asian region and beyond in ways these other programs do not since the concept of sustainability calls for expertise in both the environmental and social dimensions of long term development.

Development and Sustainability Program

The generalist program on international sustainable development

Preferred Students Background

The main aim of the program is to target development managers and practitioners who need a broader understanding of development issues, and a more interdisciplinary learning experience, than the current program offerings allow. 


 More specifically, a broader program in Development and Sustainability would be appealing to government employees and managers, international organizations, NGOs and private research institutions, as well as academics working in development studies.